first two singles out now


3.8.19 | Check out the first two singles now! Currently available only on Spotify and iTunes, but you can preorder the record on all platforms.

release date, cover art, vinyl


2.8.19 | Hallowell, the self titled debut album, will be released digitally worldwide by Great Comfort Records on March 22nd. Cover art designed by Katie Pensak, cover photo by Nadine Pensak.

50 special edition semi-transparent “Cool Mint Swirl” (right) and 250 “Grey Vapour” (left) vinyl and limited run tapes will have their release date posted soon. Thanks to Burlington Record Plant for your beautiful work!

it’s done

2018-09-25 16.24.54.jpg

10.1.18 | This little dulcimer I picked up in Montreal (a Seagull no less—great, Canadian made instruments) played the last parts. Now we’re on to mixing and mastering. Thank you to Christopher Hawthorn (recording engineer, co-producer) for all your time and effort and to the Beer family and the Woolbert family for your generosity toward this project.


photo by Brendan Bubion

photo by Brendan Bubion

7.6.18 | What an huge honor to record with François “Officer” Clemmons today! The Maestro will be lending his voice to the Hallowell song “Another World,” which is a tribute to the redemptive vision of Fred Rogers. Thank you Rev. Clemmons!!! Thank you to the Fred Rogers Company for your generosity!

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11.17.17 | Vermont's alt-weekly debuted the video for "Follow (feat. Elin Smith)" via Amelia Devoid's music blog, PLAYTIME. Read the article here: